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About Us


The Story

Terry is the founder and craftsman for five arrow studios (formerly Almost Perfect Woodcraft).  Five arrow studios began in a single car garage in Globe, Arizona out of a desire to teach woodworking to anyone interested in learning.  Today five arrow studios is a family owned business located in Nowata, Oklahoma.  Terry is joined by his son Andrew and his wife Charlene.  Terry learned his woodworking skills from working beside his dad in the construction industry. As a young child, he would accompany his dad to work in the summer months. He would hand his dad tools, pick up trash, and eventually learn the skills of the trade. As Terry got older, he assisted his dad in his handyman business. There he learned how to do siding, roofs, trim, paint, and other skills. It was his dad that taught Terry how to use a scroll saw, band saw, and other tools that he uses today. Later in life, Terry’s parents made crafts and attended craft shows. Terry pays tribute to his father’s lessons with his Harmon Heritage Collection of cutting boards.

Terry has help with the business from his son Andrew and his wife Charlene.    

The Purpose

Terry’s dream for five arrow studios is to be a teaching tool. His original desire was to teach Native American young men the skills that his dad taught him. Today he still has the desire to teach these skills to anyone interested in learning.  


The Product

Many of the items offered at five arrow studios are made from the following items:  

  • Mesquite

  • Acacia

  • Rosewood

  • Walnut

  • Maple

  • Ash

  • Turquoise stone and powder

  • Copper splashes/flakes/and powder

  • Peridot

  • Apache Tears


Pine, Walnut, Mahogany, Birch, Poplar, and more assorted exotic lumber make up the remaining material in these products. 

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